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Welcome to Ukraine Partner Group


We are your partner when you start investing in Western Ukraine.


We have many years of experience in Property investment and projecting rebuilding in Copenhagen, Denmark and Lviv, Ukraine. We can also assist you in creating the right foundation of investing in Ukraine.


Our areas of expertise:

- Establishing of a new company

- Buying/selling of properties

- Renting out of facilities

- Searching of properties

- Searching and registration of land plots

- Permissions related to the buildings

- Privatization of apartments and properties

- Legal support

- Accountant assistance

- Construction

- Reconstruction

- Architect work and support

- Administration of properties


Facitily Management

Our team has many years of professional experience both in Denmark and Ukraine. In Ukraine we have contacts with permission departments and top authorities on a daily basis and we are able to support any new investors in the property sphere. © 2005-2016 COPYRIGHT

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